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Email this letter to your local Council & MLA. Say NO to Privatization!


By emailing this letter you can help protect our Crowns and public services. Read the letter below, then use the form to address it to your local Council and MLA.

Here’s the letter:

To Whom it May Concern,

I am writing this email as a concerned member of my community — and a constituent of yours.

I don’t like what I’m seeing from our provincial government. Their privatization agenda and ongoing budget cuts are ultimately going to cripple our community and province.

We cherish our Crowns and public services, and residents all over Saskatchewan rely on them every day. We can’t sit by while the provincial government privatizes them, putting them in the hands of corporations who will put profit first — and service and safety second.

It’s said that all politics is local. And that’s why I’m asking you — as the elected representatives closest to our community — to formally demand that the provincial government immediately stop all privatization of our Crowns and public services.

Thank you in advance for taking action on this.

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Privatization: Government is Making It Our Problem Now

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